A lot of things go into opening a bar. First there are the obvious things like, well, having a location. But while that process goes on, there is a whole big “to do” list, with some highlights being:

Business Plan – check
Lawyer – check
Accountant – check
Insurance Agent – check
Architect – check
Interior Designer – check
Marketing Plan – check
Good Business Savvy – check

Then comes the fun of searching for investors so the dream of One Barrel Bar can become a reality. Not a “check” yet…but soon enough!

In the meantime, there is important research that needs to be done. So, I took it upon myself to tackle the first word in our tag line – “Bourbon”. Last month I was honored to attend the “Bourbon & Bacon Expo” at Astor Wines & Spirits. Over 20 bourbons, a lot of bacon, and an overall good time. The bourbons ranged from Parker’s to Wild Turkey to Hudson to Buffalo Trace to Elijah Craig and more. Work and pleasure all mixed into one genius night.